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 Sunday School is not just another organization of the church.

It is the church organized for outreach and evangelism.


  What is a Webinar?

It is essentially a radio broadcast over the internet with visual aids and interaction.  You will view a PowerPoint presentation on your screen and will hear presenters or leaders speak and interact.  You will also have the ability to voice your questions and comments over the internet or telephone, and have conversation with presenters or other participants.  You may purchase a microphone at any electronics store for about $15 which will allow you to speak and ask questions verbally or you may opt to type in questions. Speakers connected to your computer are required to hear the presentation unless you are using your telephone, a head set, or a head set and microphone combination-(Recommended)Read our Audio Checklist for tips on using your computer's microphone and speakers for webinar sessions, and see examples showing the best available options for audio connections using GoToWebinar technology.




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